How many times have we heard comments like “girls shouldn’t play that sport” or seen girls’ teams playing in half-filled arenas? What impact does this have on girls and their desire to play sports? Today, 7 out of 10 girls feel they don’t belong in sports so it’s really no wonder that over half quit sports around puberty, at a moment where their confidence plummets and they are trying to conform to societal expectations. On top of feeling they need to stop something they often love, girls are then robbed of the benefits ofplaying sports, which is one of the strongest confidence-building activities at a time when they need it the most!

Always, with this campaign is inviting everybody to rewrite the rules and keep girls in sports. Brilliant!! We love this idea to empower girls so they can feel confident.It’s a really interesting branded content and it’s really well done. Good job! #LikeAGirl.